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About E-Books

As technologies become more a part of our everyday life, so has the way we obtain our information, our education and our entertainment. E-book publishing, though in its infancy, has seen a huge boost as avid readers are demanding high quality, immediate access, and low cost while weighing the environmental impact to all their actions. There is no shipping, trees felled, inks used or trucks or planes involved in the making or delivery of an ebook as there is in a print book. Of course it will never replace the hardcover and paperback books, but the e-book most definitely is finding an important place in the publishing and book sellers' world. When we can, we will also offer our selections in print form.

E-books are a good alternative in many applications especially as the commutes get longer (this does not suggest to read while you drive, just to read while you ride!), waiting in lines have become more common, not to mention the endless waits at the doctors', dentists', store checkout lines, etc. The ability to carry with you many books and magazines at a time is amazing. The latest e-readers can hold up to 160 e-books (and more with additonal flash memory) and some can view 7,500 continuous pages on a single charge. Some e-readers made exclusively for the e-book market display screen is visible even in the brightest sunlight. A hardback book weighs about a pound, while the e-readers weigh about nine ounces. Some formats also allow text to be magnified for ease of viewing.

Be aware, however, that not all portable e-readers or Pocket PC's are created equal. Some have just black and white displays such as the Sony Reader & Amazon's Kindle. In order to get a book to read on their reader, you may have to purchase it from their site. Please go to our FAQ page to learn more about the types of available ereaders and where to get the software.

Cover of E-mails from shilo e-book


E-Mails from Shilo is a collection of true-life stories with an added bit of legend and mythology all experienced by an amiable, curious and very confused golden retriever. These stories are told to his net-pal, Max, a Bichon Frise.

E-mails from Shilo can be purchased as an E-Book in PDF, MobiReader, Microsoft Reader formats and also in printed form. It is 90 pages of stories and pictures of curiosity, confusion, humor and perseverense perfect for the entire family.

E-Mails from Shilo
By: Susan J. Lustig
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9800610-0-0
PDF ISBN: 978-0-9800610-3-1
Microsoft Reader ISBN: 978-0-9800610-1-7
MobiPocketReader ISBN: 978-0-9800610-2-4
Palm eReader: ISBN: 978-0-9800610-4-8
Publisher: Barkley Publishing, LLC
Pages: 90
Pub Date: 2008
Availability: Immediate Download or shipped 1-2 weeks.
Suitable E-Reader Devices: Tablet PC's, PC's, Macs, Laptops, Blackberry, PalmOs, Psion, Franklin eBookMan & Pocket PC's. Please check your PDA to see which e-book is suitable for your device before placing your order.
File Size: Various
Price: E-books $9.98, Paperback $16.98



“Beautifully Written”

“My children loved it, even the teenager!”

“The wolf story is riveting”